Sky and earth

Sky and earth can never meet
But they are together in every breath
Horizon is an illusion
Still so much beautiful scene
Morning and evening is full of red
That is how their love is made
Night is full of thousands lights
Telling that everything will be alright
Drops falling from so much high
Are the poems sung by sky
Sky and earth can never meet
It is true but their love is not incomplete
It is from forever and will be for forever......
So much beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ so much filled

Tried to explain the love between earth and sky which is so much beautiful if we can see

Scattered thoughts

On the roads of thrones
I will flow through ur blood
Where shadows also leave
There also I will follow

Just give me ur hand
We will fly in the sky
Don't worry too much
I will catch if u fall

Just one smile of urs makes me laugh 1000 times
U don't know what u r to me
No words r there to complete my lines

I feel why so much happy
When I am with u
U are like a puzzle to me
Which I wanna solve my life whole

🌹 Rose

On the lonely and dark night
Rose was wandering in the moonlight
Then she came across a garden of roses
Which were red, pink, blue, green of so many faces
But she was allured by a rose which was black and like her alone
She stepped towards it but there came someone
Don't pluck, it is sign of hate, end of love and she will be left alone
She replied I have no one to be alone
Rose grabbed that rose and was going by
But that black rose turned into to the red by her blood flowing by........

Time will flow……

Time will teach u how to run
To run the whole life
Whole life with happiness
Happiness which can't be measured in any case

Time will show u who are the one
One who are worthy to believe
Belief that take long to build and seconds to break

Time will heal your pain
Pain which can be seen in eyes
Eyes who are stopping tears to fall
Bt that falling will relieve ur pain

Time will tell u whom u know in real
The real that no one can know
Knowing anyone is so much easy
Bt understanding someone is not fun

In such way time will flow
Telling you everything and and changing u everyway
Everyway will lead to ur destination
The destination where u stay

It happens …….

It happens so many times
We r filled with so many lines
But we can't say them loudly
And no one is there ,
Listen to them quietly

It happens......
We lost in our way
Then where should go and where should we stay
There is none who will save
Because it will be our turn to play

It happens.....
Our heart is filled with sorrow
And our tears wanna flow
But then also we can't leave our smile
Because we will have to act that we are so much fine

It happens.....
Life goes on,
And we play hide and seek with sorrow and pain
Winning and losing don't happen in life
Because life is not a game

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Let me flow

I know you don’t care

Let me flow,

Let me go without any fear.

I have so many questions

With so many tears

Let me find their answers

Which are tearing my heart into thousands layers

I am all alone dear

But i know u don’t care

Let me break all the thoughts

Which are stopping me from smiling

Like a flowing river

A poem- my dear star

Oh my dear star
Why r u so far
Just come to me
And take me afar

Looking to you every night
That makes me so much delight
Why do u keep waiting me
This is not right

Laughing with you in silly way
Running everywhere like a child play
Talking endlessly with you until u say
Living every moment happily till you stay

Oh my dear star
I know u r far
Hoping that we will meet one day
That is what I pray